M.R.T & R.A.V.I

The first step is to assess the potential fit of your product or service with the market. To do so, we offer you a free M.R.T (Market Readiness Test). In an actionable one page summary, the M.R.T will check all of the key components to analyse prior to entering a new market, especially in Japan and in Asia. We will provide you with information and recommandations about Suitability, Market Potential, Distribution and Competition. This snapshot of the potential of your product or service will serve as the basis for defining what will be the best strategy to follow to ensure the success of your product or service in Japan.

Following the M.R.T, we will use R.A.V.I, our four steps methodology which stands for "Delighted" in French. We will establish a rigourous process to insure the succesful implementation of your projects.

  • R


    We research and define what are your ultimate goals. Clearly defining them is the most critical step to achieve success.

  • A


    We collect and analyze the relevant data.

  • V


    Once the results of the analysis phase are known, we define what to implement in order to achieve your goals in the real market place.

  • I


    We implement the processes and monitor the results. We fine tune the implementation in order to always stay aligned with your goals.

To ask for a free M.R.T