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Hashi Healthcare, Innovation and Management Consulting in Japan is a boutique located in Tokyo. We specialize in management consulting, strategy, Innovation, and Life Science. Our aim is for our clients to leverage our knowledge of the Japanese market to successfully enter the third-largest market in the World. Japan offers a lot of business opportunities but can be as challenging as it can be rewarding. That is why it is critical to get advice from specialized consulting firms such as ours.

We do not believe in the “one-size suits all” consulting strategy paradigm. To us, each client is truly unique! We focus on personalized cross-border consulting services and Market Entry Support.

With years of experience in Life Science, Healthcare, and International Business Development, we aim at providing you with the best possible strategies. We always put ourselves in your shoes and adapt to your needs and requirements. Too many books have been written on strategy consulting! Numerous Japanese Management Consulting firms will provide you with broad methodologies. Our goal is to provide real answers and value to our clients. By bridging companies and technologies, Hashi Healthcare, Innovation and Management Consulting is your partner of choice when entering or analyzing Japan.

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Healthcare, Innovation, and Management Consulting

We specialize in Healthcare, Innovation and Management Consulting in Japan. We leverage on our 20+ years of experience in these fields to offer our clients the most relevant advice to boost their organization and reach the next level.

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To enter the Japanese market with confidence

Why Choose us?

We are entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a mindset, not only an acquired skill. Innovative thinking is the way we look at the world. We share your spirit, your passion, and your commitment.

We understand life science

We understand both Science and Business. We know what it takes to combine innovation, technology, and business.

We are global

At Hashi Consulting, our goal is to be your growth partner in Japan. Our mission is to help you grow your business locally and globally.

We are different

We bring a unique combination of skills, expertise, and experiences from different industries, countries, and cultures.

We are niche focused

Our expertise lies in managing Life Science, Healthcare, and High Technology Projects. We are consulting specialists and we focus on our strengths to only deliver the best.

We offer tailored services

You are not a number to us. When large firms may assign you junior staff and standardized frameworks, we focus on our clients and only offer high-level and tailored consulting services.

Market Readiness Test (MRT)

MRT stands for Market Readiness Test. As a Healthcare, Innovation and Management Consulting company specializing on Japan, we think that any strategic decision, especially when it involves entering the Japanese market, should be carefully analyzed and prepared. The Japanese market is as challenging as it can be rewarding. In an actionable and synthetic format, we analyze the key indicators, and provide you with our opinion on the potential of your product or service in Japan and how to best address it.

The MRT analyze critical indicators such as:

  • Market Match: Is your product or service a good fit for the Japanese Market.
  • Market Potential
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Sales Channels & Distribution
  • Competition
  • Key Points to consider when entering the Japanese Market

The results are measured on a global 1 to 5 diagram. We finally summarize the indicators and provide you with our recommendations.

MRT Hashi ConsultingThe MRT is presented on a two pages format report and provides you with all of the critical answers you need to consider a potential expansion in Japan. The MRT is the ultimate time and money saver.

We believe the MRT is the first critical analysis to conduct. Every MRT is unique and reflects your product and service. Despite the power of the MRT to reach strategic decisions, we offer it for just $199. Contact us to know more and order your MRT.


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