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Hashi Consulting Company Overview

Hashi Healthcare, Innovation and Management Consulting is a specialized consulting company located in Tokyo with global partners in France, Sweden, the US, Australia, and Israel. We leverage on the expertise and years of experience of Dr. Jean-Chretien Norreel to respond to the various needs of our clients. Will it be for analyzing the potential of their products or services in Japan, entering new markets, improving their operations or strategy, or detecting the innovations that will let your company always stay ahead of your competitors.

Dr. Jean-Chrétien Norreel, PhD, MBA, is a Frenchman who has worked as a Neuroscience Researcher at the renowned French National Center for Scientific Research. He specialized in neurodegenerative diseases and Spinal Cord Injury. He founded the first Biotechnology company specialized in controlling cell mobility. His researches have been published in the most prestigious Scientific Journals such as Nature, Brain, or The Journal of Neurosciences. He has also been in charge of the Innovation Investment Strategy for Photo-Me International Plc. He managed companies in 7 countries and specialized in Asian Markets. Hashi Consulting specializes in providing you the best possible advice on how to be successful in Japan.

Hashi Consulting continues to grow every day. Thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We are your partner of choice to innovate and enter the Japanese market.

Our mission

  • Innovate and always stay ahead of your competitors
  • Enter the Japanese market
  • Optimize your operation
  • Think outside of the box to achieve success
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Localize your products to fit the Japanese market
  • Coach you in your International Growth

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