Hashi ConsultingThe Bridge between Japan and the Rest of the World

Hashi Healthcare and Innovation Consulting is a consulting firm based in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in management, strategy, Innovation, Healthcare, and Life Sciences consulting. Our aim is for our clients to leverage our knowledge of Japan to successfully enter the third economic and second pharmaceutical market in the World. Japan offers a lot of business opportunities but can be as challenging as it can be rewarding. That is why choosing the right consulting firm is critical.

We do not believe in the “one-size suits all” paradigm. To us, each client is truly unique! We focus on personalized cross-border consulting services and Market Entry Support. No companies are alike, and we believe that the business models and market entry strategies must be unique. They should reflect your turnover goal and timeline constraints. In Japan, the time has a different meaning. Rushing without carefully analyzing the market environment, competition, and Japanese customers’ tastes is a sure way to fail. We rely on rigorous qualitative and quantitative analyses to provide you with the best odds to succeed.

With years of experience in Life Sciences, Healthcare, Innovation, and International Business Development, we aim at providing high-quality analyses relying on our in-depth knowledge of the industries and understanding of Japan. Our team is global and so is our mindset. We are not just a management consulting firm, we always put ourselves in your shoes, are goal orientated, and are flexible enough to adapt to your needs, budgets, and requirements. Some firms rely on broad methodologies that will ultimately reveal themselves as useless and costly. At Hashi Consulting, we provide real answers, tangible value and always put the economic development of our clients first.

Hashi in Japanese means “Bridge”. By bridging companies and technologies, Hashi Healthcare and Innovation Consulting is your partner of choice when considering to enter, analyzing the Japanese market and finding the right partners.

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Healthcare and Innovation Consulting

We specialize in Healthcare and Innovation Consulting in Japan. We leverage on our 20+ years of experience in those fields to offer our clients the most relevant advice to boost their organization and reach the next level. Will it be to introduce a new product/service, optimize the operations or define a digital transformation strategy.  We help small businesses, startups or well established international firms.

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Why us?

We are entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a mindset, not only an acquired skill. Innovative thinking is the way we look at the world. We share your spirit, your passion, and your commitment.

We understand life science

We understand both Science and Business. We know what it takes to combine innovation, technology, and business.

We are global

At Hashi Consulting, our goal is to be your growth partner in Japan. Contrary to most Japan Consulting firms, we help you grow your business locally but always think globally.

We are different

We bring a unique combination of skills, expertise, and experiences from different industries, countries, and cultures. Will it be in healthcare, innovation or lifesciences, we got you covered.

We are niche focused

Our expertise lies in managing Life Science, Healthcare, and High Technology Projects. We are consulting specialists and we focus on our strengths to only deliver the best.

We offer tailored services

You are not a number to us. When large firms may assign you junior staff and standardized frameworks, we focus on our clients and only offer high-level and tailored consulting services.

Our Solutions

Analysis of the ecosystem, competition, maturity of the market, market potential of your products or services.

  • Analysis of the market potential
  • Analysis of the regulations and potential customs barriers
  • Sectorial analysis
  • Qualitative & Quantitative market analysis
  • Observational market research

Search for new customers or strategic partners to increase your turnover and expand your reach.

  • Market research of potential clients
  • Commercial Support
  • Business Development Management
  • Japan Management Consulting
  • Strategy and Business Plan Support
  • Public sectors and policies analyses
  • Business Process optimisation

To develop a network of distributors and agents.

  • Identification of distributors and agents
  • Support during local meetings
  • Support during international or local trade shows, events or conferences
  • Support during contractual negotiations
  • Follow-up

When in need of a local presence.

  • Support for the incorporation of local subsidiaries
  • Coordination of the legal processes
  • Support for recruitment
  • Corporate finance and Accounting
  • Identification of potential investment or Merger & Acquisition target
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Merger & Acquisition legal and regulatory support
  • Support for negotiation and Transaction Monitoring

Will it be for local or international trade-shows.

  • Attend on your behalf
  • Organization support
  • Search and Exhibitors analysis
  • Competitive watch


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