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Weak companies’ performances are most commonly associated with the lack of a clear strategy. The markets are changing fast. New competitors appear every day, and the taste of the consumers evolve quickly. The traditional approach to wait for a change in the environment and then to react doesn’t work anymore. New strategy models based on agility vs. predictability and fast realignment are now the new norm. Business Development and Strategy Consulting in Japan are getting more and more critical to success. At Hashi Consulting, we help you increase and optimize the plasticity of your company always to stay ahead of your competitors.

Assess the skills of your company, market, opportuties and choose a path which relies on the talents of your team and resources in the most productive way.

Think, Plan, Do

The most effective way to define a winning strategy:

  • Think. Step back and look around to understand your business environment better. Based on the results, make some strategic decisions for moving forward.
  • Plan. Take the time to lay out the details on how you will be supporting your strategies. It will include things like scheduling, budgeting, and so on.
  • Do. With all of the preparation done, it’s time to execute. To make things happen. And as you do, it is critical to measure what you’re doing and realign if needed.

Adapt your strategy to the Japanese market

In the old days, what it took to win in Japan was size and diversification. Hitachi or Panasonic ended up with several hundred subsidiaries, many in unrelated businesses. Today, what it takes to win is specialization and excellence in a few clearly defined core strengths, to build a competitive advantage over global competitors.

In Japan, the customer is not a king; he is God! When selling a product or service in Japan, it is mandatory to be 100% confident about the quality of your product. Never cut corners; just deliver the best you possibly can. As for customer support, avoid global call centers at all costs and aim at providing a real high-quality Japanese customers support. It might be more costly at the beginning, but it will strengthen the reputation of your company and will pay in the long run.

Strategy development is not just setting next year’s budget; no more than innovation is focusing only on the following product. In Japan, more than anywhere else, your strategy must continuously be aligned with the market. Creating a culture of innovation is the way to succeed in fast-changing Japan.

The steps to success

  1. Identify and understand your competitive space.
  2. Determine which elements can or will provide the highest value to your customer base.
  3. Develop a strategy for growing the company in the long term.
  4. Execute and constantly realign priorities, projects, and resources to reinforce the company’s position

We are here to help you

  • Achieved sustainable growth
  • Lead your company to its full potential
  • Leverage on your strengths
  • Adapt to your environment
  • Develop your corporate culture
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